16 November 2009

Just a few {pics} of an 8 month old.

I absolutely fell in love from the very first photo and was so grateful to these parents who let me experiment with a few things in my photos this week. I have been wanting to try photos on a mirror with a baby and this little girl was my first attempt. She wasn't so keen on laying on her belly though so we didn't get very many. lol Ahh well, I tried. I had fun playing with a few new ideas for backgrounds as well. It was so funny that my random selection of backgrounds were a perfect match to her outfit without any coordinating before hand. It was just meant to be, I guess!
{Pic} A Pepper Siggy

03 November 2009

Johnny's {Pic}s

I always love taking photos at the beach and these were no exception. We actually ended up going out on 2 separate nights since our first night had such a heavy fog that the light was horrible by the end of 1 hour of photographing. Worked out perfectly, though, because we were able to get awesome shots at the railroad tracks right at sunset the very next night!!

{Pic} A Pepper Siggy