21 September 2009

Photos at the mission

I love taking photos at the mission because there are so many different "backgrounds" to choose from! I took nearly 200 photos during the time we were there yesterday. This set is my top dozen favorites!! (nothing has been editied or color corrected yet, Sorry!)

{Pic} A Pepper Siggy

15 September 2009

Christmas mini shoot special

Want to get Christmas photos done of the family but don't want the hassle of a studio or the expense of a full photography session? Schedual a mini session with me! Sessions will last between 30 minutes and an hour. Get the session and $50 in print credit for only $70. These sessions should yield up to 10 images for printing.

{Pic} A Pepper Siggy

14 September 2009

Incredible photo

Photo By Katie Case Mihalak
I have to share this photo. It isn't one of mine. It was taken by a gal I went to highschool with and the soldier is also someone I went to school with. Being a military wife though, I find it incredibly powerful. It is these moments we look forward to.
{Pic} A Pepper Siggy