27 May 2009

Beautiful Headshots

Not so long ago I had to go in for a same day medical procedure. While I was "recovering" from anesthesia, I visited with my nurse. We chatted about lots of things, including photography, and I gave her one of my business cards. I was absolutely delighted when I heard back from her this month about doing some headshots of her daughter for beauty pagents. I am still making my way through the photos, but here are a couple of the photos that I took. As I get through the pics, I will add a few more. Things have been so busy, unfortunately, that I have hardly had time to even convert them from RAW to .jpg format.



22 May 2009

Baby pictures

Her photos are in my header already, but yesterday her mom and I created a birth announcment with another of the photos I took. She is the teacup baby in my header. I love this photo of her for the announcment because you really get to see her face and she seems to be looking right into the lense of the camera.


08 May 2009

Still under construction

But so much closer to being done!! My friend Emma came over here today and helped me. She is genius with code! I am still trying to figure out how to get the header to flip between the photos but I do have a new title!! Thank you to Joanne for the {Pic} a Pepper idea!! I love it!! Check back in a week or so and maybe I will finally have it all done!! With Emmas help that is!!

07 May 2009

All new

The link is the same, but I am loading a new header to the blog sometime soon. Fingers crossed I can get it to work. With the new header is a new title for the blog. I learned recently that a lot of people who don't know me and just happen across my blog believe that my name is Anabell Pepper so the new header actually has my name in it!! What a novel concept I know!!

Be looking for it soon. It will be up as soon as I can figure out how to get it to load!!