29 March 2009

In memory of 3


I took these photos of my friend and her husband as a way to remember their three little ones. She came over and we put this collage together. I am going to teach her to digi scrap more, and this was our starting point.

I will do a second collage that has more of the photos that we took but I wanted to share this one here. It is really special in my opinion.

The quote that we used on the page comes from her blog.

06 March 2009

My sisters wedding

I took so many photos at my sisters wedding. This is just a collage of some of the photos we took between the ceremony and the reception.


Vegas wedding

I took photos at our friends wedding in Vegas a few years ago. While they had a professional photographer, I really wanted to take photos of my own. I am glad I did because my friends said mine came out better than the photographer they hired. I was glad they appreciated them. I have scrapped several of them and some of the pages have even been published. I wanted a collage of my favorites though.


Collage from photoshoot #2

Posted some of the photos before, but I had created a collage of my favorite family group photos.


Another photo shoot collage

Had so much fun taking photos of this family. They had 2 other teen girls with them as well and I got lots of photos of the 4 girls together. Another collage for another time maybe. WE will see.

First photo shoot collage at last

I made this collage, but wanted to share it with the family before I posted it. Then forgot because the mom went on a trip and on and on. lol. But here it is posted at last! Still haven't shared it with them, but...