25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

My hubby got me a backdrop AND lights with unbrellas for Christmas this year!! What a nice suprise. I have everything I need for a studio now except space!! The nicest part about all my goodies is that all the framework, canvases and umbrellas fit into one bag and the bulbs go into the bag I carry my camera in. Means my studio can go with me to the homes of clients for onsite photography!!

I did manage to clear my living room enough to set everything up for a little while and play this afternoon. This is my favorite photo I took of the girls. Aren't they sweet!!

They had fun posing and playing. Laura was busy making faces for more than half the shots I took of her.



  1. Oh that is so exciting. I have thought about doign home photography as well but in this uncertain economy I will wait. i would love to learn some stuff from you. Thanks for the inspiration and love the collage below.

  2. COOL PIX HERE, I LOVE IT..SOO MUCH LIFE AND EMOTIONS, CARE TO EX-LINK? ill add you up....www.amor-photography.blogspot.com thank you8!!!keep it up!!

  3. Great picture of the girls. I think Laura looks just like you and Katie favors Dan. How have you guys been? We saw you and Daniel at Costco the other day, but never found you when we were inside. Too bad.