30 October 2008

Challenge #23 - Photo makeovers

Last week it was no editing and this week it is all about editing. I am forever cropping at the very least. Guess this challenge gives me an excuse to work on more of my sisters wedding photos!! lol

This is one of my all time fave photos that I have edited. It is from my hubbys step fathers military burial. I found the original distracting with the faces especially since the honor guard members closest to me were cut off. I cropped the photo in so it focused on the flag and the hands that folded it an love the effect.

original photo

Edited photo

From my sisters wedding here is one that gave me fits to edit. There was a terrible shadow on her face but to lighten it made the photo grainy. I played for hours to soften the graininess of it.



27 October 2008

Challenge #22 - S.O.O.C

This is just a repost of the photos I put in my regular blog
This is the first photo I posted. It is from the maternity shoot I did for a friend of mine.


This is another one I took at the maternity shoot. Love the way it turned out, the little bit of blur and everything.

Last photo is from soccer on Saturday morning. My poor boy was tired and wanted mommy to hold him but the second I would pick him up he wanted to get down and run. Not a good choice when we are sitting between 2 soccer fields. lol


I have joined a photography blog challenge

So I thought I should start a place to share my special photos. This will be their own special gallery to say the least.